Monday, 27 May 2013

The New school

Little Zawadi, you were so excited about the school change that you couldn't wait for the schools to resume, now things have changed. you want nothing to do with the new school. Almost every other morning, you don't stop to mention how dear you miss your former school. I feel you darling,

When i visited you the other day, i didn't like what i saw. You guys share the glasses, i pointed out to the management and it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. i also can't wait for the next term, we will do a few changes.

It is always great to wake up in the morning as you prepare for school. It is an hon our  Bless you child, may you always excel  may you always be the head,

May you always crack what others struggle to, may you achieve what others dream of, may you succeed in all your en-devours.

You have my 100% support, you can always count on mama for anything, the door is open, reach out to me for anything that you need.

Always Mama..with love(27/05/2013)

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