Monday, 20 May 2013

My Prayer For you my little one

Heavenly father may you always be merciful to my daughter,
May she always find comfort in Your bosom,
May she find love and hope in You
protect her from the enemy,
May every weapon the devil fashions against her be defeated in Jesus name
may every power of the enemy that is subjected to her, be destroyed
Protect every inch of her, 
while she sleeps, while she goes to school/work, 
bless her with a man like Joseph of old, He feared GOD and would not lay with a woman 
because "it is a sin against my GOD"
May the man be faithful to her, may he be a good lover and a responsible family man, may you bless them with children who will grow to love and fear you.
May he be your best friend all the time
Dear Jesus keep my little angel safe, enrich her life, may she grow to achieve the talent that you put in her, 
all for your own glory.
I declare blessings in your life, wisdom like no other, Wealth like Solomon, 
I come against every generational curse, generational behaviors and characteristics, i destroy them now in Jesus name.
I ask for your love and forgiveness upon her life all her days in JESUS name i do pray and believe..amen.

Always Mama..with love

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