Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Holiday Look Alike

We went to Your grand mother's place, atleast for a few days
My mommy really pampered the three of us
You even contemplated not coming home with us
although it was to do with the new nanny
we eventually made a deal, and came back home
We had time to get dirty, eat a few wild fruits and traditional food
We sure had a blast,
We enjoyed every bit of it, every minute
God bless our grandma

Sunday, 2 June 2013

my little girl

Although you still have ill feelings about the new school
I love the progress
I love you school work
you are a little genius, the best musician  i have known
if the rhymes and hymns you sing in the bathroom, are anything to go buy
Honey i feel you almost feel like your bro has taken all mummy's attention
no darling, he is a boy who also needs mummy's attention but i can assure
you i do try to juggle both of you.
It is a great feeling to have you both in my life
You have changed me so much
I care about every little thing
you have taught me patience..you are my jewel.

Always mum..with love

Monday, 27 May 2013

The New school

Little Zawadi, you were so excited about the school change that you couldn't wait for the schools to resume, now things have changed. you want nothing to do with the new school. Almost every other morning, you don't stop to mention how dear you miss your former school. I feel you darling,

When i visited you the other day, i didn't like what i saw. You guys share the glasses, i pointed out to the management and it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. i also can't wait for the next term, we will do a few changes.

It is always great to wake up in the morning as you prepare for school. It is an hon our  Bless you child, may you always excel  may you always be the head,

May you always crack what others struggle to, may you achieve what others dream of, may you succeed in all your en-devours.

You have my 100% support, you can always count on mama for anything, the door is open, reach out to me for anything that you need.

Always Mama..with love(27/05/2013)

Monday, 20 May 2013

My Prayer For you my little one

Heavenly father may you always be merciful to my daughter,
May she always find comfort in Your bosom,
May she find love and hope in You
protect her from the enemy,
May every weapon the devil fashions against her be defeated in Jesus name
may every power of the enemy that is subjected to her, be destroyed
Protect every inch of her, 
while she sleeps, while she goes to school/work, 
bless her with a man like Joseph of old, He feared GOD and would not lay with a woman 
because "it is a sin against my GOD"
May the man be faithful to her, may he be a good lover and a responsible family man, may you bless them with children who will grow to love and fear you.
May he be your best friend all the time
Dear Jesus keep my little angel safe, enrich her life, may she grow to achieve the talent that you put in her, 
all for your own glory.
I declare blessings in your life, wisdom like no other, Wealth like Solomon, 
I come against every generational curse, generational behaviors and characteristics, i destroy them now in Jesus name.
I ask for your love and forgiveness upon her life all her days in JESUS name i do pray and believe..amen.

Always Mama..with love

Friday, 10 May 2013

My little Princess

Since the day you were born, you have healed so many troubled souls with your charm. Every one who has had an encounter with you, say of the imprint you leave in their hearts.

It has been a beautiful journey since you joined my world four and a half years ago. It has been a teaching and humbling experience. You have taught me to let my guard down and let live.  You are your maternal gran-dies first grand child, and for those years, they have been spoiling you with love and goodies. They taught you to church, it has never left you, you love being in the house of the LORD.

I was so elated when you first joined school February 2012. You have kept the good grades, our good LORD promised that HIS children shall always be the head and not the tail, you will lead wherever you go. you have my blessings too.

It has been such a wonderful experience when i assist you with your homework, i Thank GOD for you, beautiful one, you are such a rare jewel, live on beautiful.

while at work i was told by the nanny that you refused to take your evening snack after school. i called you to en quire. I wanted to create a rapport so i was like "mum, how are you?"
Beautiful, your answer made my evening, so precise and honest, "am not fine!"
Of cos cos you wanted to play first before you could eat. i even text ed your dad.

We have had a week where you had a major decision to make. You were split between two schools where you had a relationship with the teachers, to be honest i wanted to get a neutral one for you but after you made your decision, things are now manageable. we can go ahead and get you the school uniform that you have really been talking about.

10/05/2013..Loving mum